Media Relations & Communications   


We craft and publicize relevant news, compelling narratives, and engaging storytelling for clients. We help them break through the saturated media landscape to gain media attention and generate positive coverage.


Because many of our team members are former senior journalists, editors, and media relations specialists, we understand firsthand the media business and its 24/7/365 news cycle. And we know what content is newsworthy, pertinent, and captivating—or how to make it so. We have close relationships with reporters, journalists, and editors worldwide. What’s more, we create news hooks and angles to get their interest to write about clients’ news, stories, solutions, and missions. We also position our clients as expert and trusted media sources.


Our knowledge and experience give us a decisive edge in pitching, driving, and securing high-visibility earned media coverage for clients across tier-one U.S. and global print, broadcast, and digital media outlets. As a result, we generate powerful awareness, connection, influence, and impact for clients’ brands, solutions, businesses, and organizations as well as their causes and campaigns. In addition to expert media relations, we provide clients with a full range of specialized communications services for diverse individuals, corporations, organizations, target audiences, and critical needs.


What We Do:

Media Relations


  • Media relations
  • Media coverage audit
  • Strategy development and execution
  • News release development, distribution, and pitching
  • Newsjacking opportunities
  • Industry awards
  • Electronic media kit development
  • Master media list compilation and maintenance
  • Media appearance pitching
  • Media tours and editorial board meetings
  • News conference organization and execution
  • Executive and media spokesperson training and coaching
  • Campaign success tracking and earned media coverage measurement




  • Executive communications
  • Crisis communications
  • Corporate communications
  • Tech communications
  • M&A communications


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